Attention all harpists!


Would you like to be part of a Sydney-based Harp Ensemble?

• (It's more fun than playing on your own!)

• Meetings are held every month or so on a Saturday afternoon.

• Participants are asked to learn the parts you choose before the meeting.

• Download the music from the links below or ask for them by snail mail.

• If you are interested, contact Noni Dickson (02) 9653 3691.

See photos taken at previous sessions.
Watch video clips from the July 2014 recital.
See photos taken at the November 2015 recital.

Return to the Humph Hall web site.

Dates for 2017:

18th February
11th March
8th April
6th May
3rd June
1st July
5th August
2nd September
7th October
4th November
2nd December


Item Score Sibelius audio W'shop recording
Complete set of music PDF MP3 (68mb) MP3 (10.2mb)
Danza de Luzma Sibelius   PDF MP3 (4.4mb) MP3 (4.2mb)
Snow Flurries Trio Sibelius   PDF MP3 (3.9mb) MP3 (4.3mb)
Early Memory 3 Sibelius   PDF MP3 (1.8mb) MP3 (1.9mb)
Dona Nobis Pacem (Full Score) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (2.6mb)  
Dona Nobis Pacem (Harp 1) PDF MP3 (2.2mb)  
Dona Nobis Pacem (Harp 2) PDF MP3 (1.9mb)  
Dona Nobis Pacem (Harp 3) PDF MP3 (2.2mb)  
A Christmas Canon (Full Score) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (3mb)  
A Christmas Canon (Harp 1) PDF MP3 (3mb)  
A Christmas Canon (Harp 2) PDF MP3 (2.7mb)  
A Christmas Canon (Harp 3) PDF MP3 (3mb)  
Wayfaring Stranger Sibelius   PDF MP3 (545k)  
Planxty Irwin Sibelius   PDF MP3 (700k)  
Mazurka Michel Sibelius   PDF MP3 (1.9mb)  
Rosbif Waltz (Full Score) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (2.8mb)  
Rosbif Waltz (Harp 1) PDF    
Rosbif Waltz (Harp 2) PDF    
Rosbif Waltz (Harp 3) PDF    
Habanera Gris (Full Score) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (3.4mb)  
Habanera Gris (Harp 1) PDF    
Habanera Gris (Harp 2) PDF    
Habanera Gris (Harp 3) PDF    
Can Can (Full Score) PDF MP3 (3.4mb)  
Can Can (Harp 1) PDF    
Can Can (Harp 2) PDF    
Can Can (Harp 3) PDF    
Can Can (Harp 4) PDF    
Prelude for Peace (Full Score) PDF MP3 (3.3mb)  
Prelude for Peace (Harp 1) PDF    
Prelude for Peace (Harp 2) PDF    
Prelude for Peace (Harp 3) PDF    
Prelude for Peace (Harp 4) PDF    
Wine Glass Waltz (Full Score) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (3.6mb)  
Wine Glass Waltz (Harp 1) PDF    
Wine Glass Waltz (Harp 2) PDF    
Wine Glass Waltz (Harp 3) PDF    
Suo Gan (Full Score) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (4.7mb)  
Suo Gan (Harp 1) PDF    
Suo Gan (Harp 2) PDF    
Suo Gan (Harp 3) PDF    
Country Dance (Full Score) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (2.5mb)  
Country Dance (Harp 1) PDF    
Country Dance (Harp 2) PDF    
Country Dance (Harp 3) PDF    
Jo's Australian Waltz Sibelius   PDF MP3 (2.4mb)  
Matilda's Waltz Sibelius   PDF MP3 (2.4mb)  
Merry Widow Waltz Sibelius   PDF MP3 (1.3mb)  
Dona Nobis Pacem Sibelius   PDF MP3 (1.7mb)  
Jamaica Rumba Sibelius   PDF MP3 (1.7mb)  
First German Dance Sibelius   PDF MP3 (1.3mb)  
Second German Dance Sibelius   PDF MP3 (1.5mb)  
Tambourin Sibelius   PDF MP3 (1.5mb)  
Melodie Sibelius   PDF MP3 (2.8mb)  
Das Klinget So Herrlich Sibelius   PDF MP3 (4.3mb)  
The Boundless Expanse of the Sea Sibelius   PDF MP3 (2.1mb)  
Divertimento No. 1 Sibelius   PDF MP3 (3.6mb)  
La Paloma Sibelius   PDF MP3 (3.1mb)  
Carol of the Bells (for 2 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (3.2mb)  
Christmas Canon (for 3 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (3.9mb)  
Kamarinskoi (for 3 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (1.6mb)  
L'Arabesque (for 3 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (1.6mb)  
Vals Poetico (for 3 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (2.1mb)  
Il est ne (for 3 harps, 2 flutes, timpani & voices) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (1.8mb)  
El Condor Pasa (for flute & 3 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (1.9mb)  
Fanny Power (for 4 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (1.8mb)  
Caribbean Medley (for 2 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (4.8mb)  
Summer Rain (for 2 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (5.5mb)  
Siciliana (for 2 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (2mb)  
Winter (2nd mov) (for 4 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (5mb)  
Willshire Hornpipe (for 4 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (1.9mb)  
Les Vacances des Harpes Celtiques (for 3 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (7.9mb)  
Come, O Moon (for flute + 3 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (1.5mb)  
Tourner a Trois (for 2 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (5.1mb)  
Smoky River Salsa (for 2 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (2.7mb)  
Sleep Soond in da Morning/Willafjord (for 3 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (3.2mb)  
O'Carolon's Concerto (for 2 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (2.8mb)  
Ave Maria (Caccini) (for 2 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (4.1mb)  
Flight of the Mountain Blue Bird (for 3 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (2.6mb)  
Baroque Flamenco (for 2 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (8.2mb)  
Jupiter (for 3 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (3.5mb)  
Crodh Laoigh nam Bodach (for 3 harps) Sibelius   PDF MP3 (4.3mb)  
Crodh Laoigh nam Bodach (Harp 1) PDF    
Crodh Laoigh nam Bodach (Harp 2) PDF    
Crodh Laoigh nam Bodach (Harp 3 + Opt.) PDF